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$ python challenge: bubblesort12/06/2012

Bubblesort was the lucky algorithm chosen for the Python Challenge: Part III. Pretty much useless in terms of it's practicality (due to it being so slow - it's average-case complexity is O(n2)), bubblesort is mainly used for educational purposes to illustrate list sorting.

It's pretty simple in how it works: the algorithm iterates through the list to be sorted and compares pairs of adjacent elements. The larger of the pair is always moved to the right, which results in the list being sorted in ascending order.

# swaps the two elements in the passed list def swap(list, index1, index2): index1Val = list[index1] index2Val = list[index2] list[index1] = index2Val list[index2] = index1Val # sort the list def bubblesort(list): while True: swapped = False for index in range(len(list)): if index == 0: continue if list[index-1] > list[index]: swap(list, index-1, index) swapped = True if not swapped: break